We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us because you belong here!

We are a community of people seeking an extraordinary relationship with Jesus. Perfect people are welcome but they probably wouldn’t be comfortable because we know that we have hurts, hang-ups and habits. We know that on our best days we are not good enough for His grace, and we are never good enough when we think we are the best. 

But we know that life in Jesus makes all of life better.

We are in the process of learning to live out faith in Jesus. To follow him fully, to break free from our past, and to walk in victory together.

We want to be a church where unchurched people want to go. So, if church is a place you have felt unwelcomed or uncomfortable in the past, this community of faith will be a different experience.

We hope and pray that you will feel that you belong here!

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Ephesians 6:10-17

January 13 - The Full Armor of God
January 20 - The Belt of Truth
January 27 - The Breastplate of Righteousness
February 3 - The Sandals Fitted for Readiness
February 10 - The Shield of Faith
February 17 - The Helmet of Salvation
February 24 - The Sword of the Spirit

Here are a couple of books that could help with your study for this sermon series:


Join us for this 40-day, life changing discipleship challenge that takes Christ's literal words and gives you practical daily challenges based on those words. Do you have what it takes to truly do what He said?

611 N Albany
Yuma, CO
at the corner of 
Petain & Albany
one block east of 
N Main St

10:00 am