YCC is a great place to work! We are a church that loves our missions, our community, and our YCC family. Because we care so much about our people, there is a lot to do here. If you are an energetic, Christ-following, and self-starting individual who can work in a rural, small town environment, you are encouraged to apply!

Openings are rare around here, but every once in a while a position becomes available. If we are hiring, job postings and information on how to apply will be provided below.

Preaching Minister

The first priority for a Preaching Minister with the Yuma Christian Church is your relationship with Jesus, with your wife and with your children. You will be responsible for preaching the Good News of Jesus with passion. You will coordinate with our Worship Minister and Team for worship services. You need to be able to communicate God’s love with people in need and guide them to resources/solutions. You will be responsible for outreach into the community.

You will need to be goal oriented, Christ motivated and able to measure success. You will lead the strategic planning and develop plans to reach ministry goals. You will need to develop ministry teams, help them with their budgets, and submit annually to the Elders..

We ask that you have a degree in an associated field from an affiliated Christian College and at least 5 years experience in Christian ministry.

For further information regarding the position of the Preaching Minster, please call 970-630-3211. Please submit all resumes with a cover letter telling us a little about you, to lindonsam1984@gmail.com