Sermon 9-08-13

September 8th

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Sermon notes as provided by Jo Powell:

Studies in Timothy
"Enjoy Life"
Everyday we (Christians) should be the ones laughing giggling, letting go and 
having fun because we are the ones who are free, and know what life is all about, 
we have the joy and hope of eternal life, we have been forgiven, redeemed, we are 
on an adventure.

Jefferson was famous for cutting pieces of his Bible out because he couldn't 
understand them. We don't do it literally, but figuratively. We just ignore the parts 
we don't agree with. We have an epidemic of sadness in America, we are a nation 
medicated because we are scared and sad. I Timothy 6:17-20. My mission should I 
choose to accept it is to enjoy life and put my hope in the giver and encourage 
others to do the same. Could it be that sometimes we don't enjoy life because 
we are too busy looking critically at what is wrong in the world. We look like 
we've been baptized in vinegar. That's not something attractive to anyone, 
especially unbelievers. 

The problem with wealth is not the enjoyment in it, but in trusting it.

Having too much stuff makes us not see a need to put our trust in God. We put 
our trust in stuff rather than in the giver. Idolatry. 

Precious gifts:
1. Eternal life
2. Spouse
3. Kids
4. Friends

Piety: metal spikes, starvation, irritating clothing, running into walls, whipping 
themselves, in an attempt to block out worldly fun, and to get closer to God. 
Man who stood on a pole for 37 years in order to become closer to God.
God gave us our senses so we could enjoy all that He has created. To enjoy the 
awe and wonder of such a creative, innovative and generous creator by marveling 
in the creation. 

One of the things we don't enjoy is getting old. There's that "perfect" moment or 
age. To enjoy life you have to embrace change. Jesus called people to leave their 
lives, a total change, to follow Him. Peter went back to fishing, Jesus rebuked him, 
and reinforced that he had called him to something bigger, something grander, an 

James 1:7 every good and perfect gift is from above....

Your life may be hard, Paul's was too, but Paul still believed that God wanted him 
to enjoy life, the life you've been given.

Doing good with what you've got is true life. 
Acts 20:35 it is more blessed to give than to receive.
If God blesses us, when you give it away, you are doubly blessed, the gift of when 
you get it, and the joy of giving it away and seeing other people enjoy what you 

Dream car: Nissan GTR
Put it in a garage and never use it.
Put it up on blocks and sell it for parts. Don't put your trust in the gift. The car 
will rust, fall apart, break down. 
Enjoy it, use it, honor the giver by loving the gift. Realize how much the giver 
loves you and wants you to enjoy the life he has given you.