Sermon 9-15-13

September 15th

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Sermon notes as shared by Jo Powell, please feel free to share your own:

2 Timothy 1:1-15 The Stream of Legacy 
Planting Trees (song) 

To follow Jesus means to make a difference. 

Decide that the stream of legacy is the life you are longing for. 
The legacy started in Eden. 
Your family may have entered the stream starting in your generation, just jump in the stream . 
Paul is in prison maybe for the last time, when he writes to Timothy, he is concerned that 
Timothy will carry on the legacy, stay in the stream when Paul is gone. 

Life is short..... So make sure you are being faithful, and contribute to the legacy that you will 
leave for your children and grandchildren. This is the life that is really life. 

Fan the flame that assures that you make a difference.
Both fire and water have impacts on our world either positive or negative. Not enough water, 
(drought) not enough fire (campfires, heat, cooking food). Or too much (flooding, forest fires). 

Fan into a flame your faith through: 
1. Your gift (v6). We all have gifts. We walk around feeling ungifted. The truth is that if you are 
in Christ and Christ is in you, you have a gift. 
  A. It will be something that blesses others. 
  B. It is what you are good at, or have potential to be good at. 
  C. It's what makes you feel fulfilled. 
  D. you have to use your gift. If you don't use it, you'll lose it. 

2. Your spirit (v7) the spirit of God in you. 
  A. Power the power that created the universe lives in you. 
  B. love 
  C. self discipline doing what you know you should be doing. 

3. Your confidence (v ) 
Bonanza - took in an Indian orphan, people made fun of him because he was different. He would 
pull a knife and want to defend himself. Hoss said, don't listen to them. Don't be ashamed. Have 

Don't be ashamed of the gospel. Don't be ashamed of Jesus. Get in the stream and fan into flame 
the gifts.