Sermon 9-29-13

September 29th

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Sermon Notes as shared by Eric Powell:

Following Christ is having a dynamic relationship with an ever present god.
A relationship with God is dynamic not static.
You can only have a relationship with a living God. That's why it's so important to recognize He has risen.
The empty tomb is just as important as the cross.
• The cross shows grace and the price that was paid.
• The tomb shows that we can have a real, living relationship with a living, present God.

Talk to God... And listen.
• Scripture
• That spirit whisper in your soul
• An overwhelming sense of peace out of nowhere

A relationship with God means growing UP with a present God, not IN to empty routines.
Don't argue about words, no one wins.
Truth can only be shown through love.
Just talk to God, don't use fancy words to sound religious; use you own words.
Correctly use the word of God; understand what you're talking about.