Sermon 8-25-13

August 25th

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Sermon notes as shared by Jo Powell:

1 Timothy 6:1-2 (continuing thought from chapter 5)
Not just old and young, not just male and female, all who are under the yoke of 

Central Truth : The love of God is the central reality in all ways and at all times.
What does love look like? 1Cor 13 love isn't just a fuzzy emotion. We ought to 
be in love with our Jesus. The same emotions as when you are in love with your 
spouse. It's not just an emotion, but how we treat each other.
Paul said we are to love our masters. Jesus said we ought to love our enemies. 
Masters could be our enemies, not necessarily, but could be. 60 million slaves in 
the Roman Empire. 

Paul said love never fails (Corinthians). Love goes to the cross, love goes beyond 
the practical to draw us to him. (This is how love wins song from Mac Powell on 
The Story CD)

Paul says love looks like respect. Show them worth and value even if they are 
hard to relate to, hard to work for. Kill them with kindness. Love works. Civil war 
may not have been fought if we started living in the relentless act of love. It could 
have been fixed with peace. Barkley quote about class hatred. Slaves should obey 
their masters in order to be a good witness. Revolting against your master 
undermines the message of the bible. 

Love projects and protects God's character. God is not going to let anyone hijack 
the message of love and grace and peace and salvation. Jesus refused to be a 
political king. "King of the Jews" in three different languages.
Story about comedy channel abortion clinic story : God was misrepresented. 
(By the protesters who claimed to be acting on behalf of Christ. three 
tragedies in this story: 1. by how we treat people, 2. how we respect life, 3. that 
the comedy channel thought it was comedy. 

Love is the sail that carries us forward. The misconception is that we have to 
create a culture where the message of Christ can flourish. Christianity was 
spread in a culture with 60 million slaves. We keep trying to fix our culture so 
we can put Christ in it. We need to put Christ in our hearts and that will fix the 
culture. You don't change people and then give them Christ, you give them Christ 
and then they change.

Nostalgia says that there was something that happened in the past that was so 
wonderful that we want to go back and recreate it. Like the perfect date. Can't 
reproduce the past, and were not supposed to. God is the god of the present. 28 
times the Bible says we serve a living God.

God loves me
I have a sin problem
God takes care of my sin problem.
God is also in the future. 

Just some thoughts:
Lately I've really had it in my heart that my church family is my real home. This is 
as close to heaven as we're going to get on earth and I'm so thankful for every 
person in my church family. When we worship together, before the throne, it's 
like I get just a glimpse, just a taste of what heaven will be like, and it makes me 
long for home even more.