Sermon 8-18-13

August 18th

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Notes as shared by Kristi Dix:

The Call to Follow ~ "The Prescription for Longevity"
(18 Aug 13; Don Smith, YCC)

Remind each other that leaders keep focused on what they know Jesus did.

1) Help the helpless ~ This is repeated many times in the passage. If you're going to stay excited about your work, you have to stay focused on what you are really about (not what you say you're about, not what others think you're about). Jesus came to save the helpless. There's nothing we can do by ourselves to cure our sins. We can chase success, chase idols, chase ways of medicating ourselves so we don't think about it for a while, but the bottom line is that we can't make our sins go away on our own -we need Jesus' grace. Our 'code' as a church needs to be about Jesus and His works - if it's not, we're only a club. Don't lose sight of what we're about. If you lose focus on your code, you'll become worn out and weary in your work.

2) Do no harm ~ You can do more harm than good if you put an able-bodied person on a welfare list. Don't reward bad behavior. You rob people of their dignity, of their basic desire to accomplish things. Make sure families are taking care of families first. Make it a symbiotic relationship - reward the work of those who are doing good and they will give back to the church. If you do the opposite, only one group (the church, the government) will be the only ones giving. The one thing you don't want to do is to make them feel worse. Sometimes our compassion overwhelms our wisdom.

3) Never show favortism ~ Look at what Jesus did and do what Jesus did. He never showed favortism. There are two truths: 1) We like people who like us (Jesus did this - He had good friends and of those good friends He had best friends), & 2) We like people who can help us get what we want (Jesus didn't do this - He had a thing for sinners and losers, who continually questioned and accused Him). Do not show favortism - treat everyone equally. Make everyone's life better.

4) Take care of yourself ~ You can't take care of others if you're sick or dying. You have to take care of yourself so you have the strength (physically, emotionally, mentally) to care for others. 

5) Never give up ~ No good deeds are hidden forever. Your work and efforts will reap benefits eventually. You may not see results right away - we may never see them in our lifetime. Paul says not to ever stop doing good. Your good works and deeds are planting seeds and growing dividends. Sometimes you don't even realize that you've touched someone's life until much later.

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