Sermon 8-11-13

August 11th

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(Shared by Jo Powell)
In the kingdom of God there are no coach seats. First Class
I Timothy 5:1-8
This is how you practice what you preach - treat everyone like they matter to 
you -because they do.
They matter to God too. 

1. Encourage older men: presbuteros means an elder 
person, not only an older leader.
Treat them like fathers. They are over you.
We live in a world that values you based on how much you contribute to 
society. Make more money, are more educated, are more attractive.
In God's Kingdom, everyone is valued because they are God's children.
Our current healthcare system is designed to reduce care for the elderly. 
Economy of taking care of the aging baby boomer generation.
We should not treat people differently because of their age, except to honor 
them more..

2. C4 V.12 Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young. 
Golden rule: treat people how you would like to be treated.
Don't you look down on others either.
Washing the disciples feet: object lesson on how they should treat each other. In 
this society, this was not done. You were in the dust of the Rabbi, (book title) 
you sat at the feet of the teacher, you followed, you washed. Jesus shows the 
example that we are not above each other, we treat everyone like family (better 
than family?) 

3. Older Women: Today families aren't always a picture of how we should treat 
people. Home isn't a safe or happy place. Abuse, neglect. 
Matthew 12:48 who is my family? Whomever does the will of my father in heaven 
is my mother, brother and sisters. If you didn't grow up in a good family, the 
church is here to model the family or replace it if you we're unfortunate enough 
to not have one. Sometimes you're the only family someone has got.

4. Younger Women: treat younger women as sisters with absolute purity. 
Side note:
(What is the Christian moral in regards to immigration?) 
If you are displaced from your home, someone should be sharing the love of Jesus 
with them. The morality of allowing people to come across to escape the abuse 
that is perpetrated on women (Maldova, Mexico,). You only get one chance to 
protect the purity: pure motives, actions. No second chances for purity. 5. Widows
There are too many nursing homes. This is not God's design for how we treat 
our aging relatives. First line of defense is family. Worse than unbelievers if we 
don't take care of our families. The church should pick up the slack if there is no 
family to take care of the elderly. Government should not be taking care of our 
elderly. These are the least of the least of these in our worlds economy. God says 
its our duty to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.
People matter, and I think it's kind of like food. Sometimes it doesn't matter what 
we have for supper because we aren't hungry for anything in particular, but if you 
are hungry for the love of god, people will matter to you.

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