It was announced to our congregation on September 11, 2016, that we have acquired the property adjacent to our current location. And on that day, after our morning worship service, those that were able to attend, met on our new land to join in a circle and pray for our new endeavor and for the love and ministry that it will bring to our community.

Upon this land we will build a new worship center, complete with a nursery, restrooms and a kitchenette for our HeBrews ministry.
At this time the plan is to keep the staff offices and the youth classrooms in our existing building.

The Building Project's MISSION & VISION Statements:  
Glorify God and advance His Kingdom through the construction of a new facility for Yuma Christian Church and Center of New Hope.

Manage the project design and construction concerns within the following parameters:
1. Adhere to budgetary constraints and be goldy stewards of the apportioned funds.
2. Create a time/resource based project plan and ensure the project stays on schedule.
3. Ensure the design meets our minimum quality standards, exceeds current needs, and provides future expansion.
4. Work according to biblical standards with all contractors, civil and industry agencies, community neighbors, and other stakeholders.
5. Keep the Elders and Congregation, (both YCC & CNE), updated regularly.

If you would like to donate to the Building Fund, please be sure make your check out to Yuma Christian Church, put 'Building Fund' in the memo section of the check, and mail to 611 N. Albany, Yuma, CO 80759

As always, please feel free to contact us (using the Contact Us link) regarding any questions or concerns.  You can also leave comments below on this page.